Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The New Girls on the Block

Clutch $49.00 Sale Pending!!!

Zippered Geometric Bag Leather Bottom $59.00
No longer pending. (see newer post)

Tan/Black Swirl with Bow Leather Bottom $59.00

Red/Black/White Vintage Flower $49.00 Sold!! Thanks Anna!
(Does not have leather bottom)

These are the new girls on the block. Top is a clutch. It is actually Amy Butler's pattern.....tweeked a bit to fit the fabric. It has a leather flap with a magnetic snap for a closure. Stacey from Beading Friendzy stopped by my house with a bag full of sample fabrics from JC Penney. The first 3 bags are products of her generosity. Thanks Stacey!!!! Second bag is a zippered top with two handles. I think I will make several of this size. I really like it. The tan one with the bow is really nice fabric. It is kind of silky. This bag will go with just about anything. The White, Black and Red one is vintage fabric. You can wear this over your neck. I kind of like it but I may make one with a shorter handle, maybe just big enought to get your arm through with some room to spare. The only thing is, I forgot the magnetic closure on that one. May have to fix that soon.

Let me know what you think. Please.....I know you are out there reading this, leave me a comment. I love them.


tims_mom said...


I love the middle two purses! Those are beautiful!

Do I get a good neighbor discount? (just kidding)


Cindy Q. said...


I would love to give you the good neighbor discount. Let me know which one you want.