Monday, April 20, 2009


Did I ever tell you that procrastination sometimes is my middle name? However, over the last few months I think it went beyond procrastination into something clinical. I could not seem to get myself motivated after I moved all my stuff to the basement. You see I have a small confession to make, organization and I do not really go together. I need Neicy Nash and the cleaning crew to come to my basement and show me how to organize my shtuff. I am starting to muddle through but it has been as slow as molasses. I know if I had a system, I would be able to pump out bag after bag.

I hope to have pictures and updates in the next few days of what I have accomplished. And hopefully new bags!! Yes that is bags........summery ones too!! The summer bags will be limited in quantity this year because I must make my fall bags. I have too much stuff for the winter bags so I need to make them and get them ready to ship out.