Sunday, December 16, 2007

The eagle has landed.

We have been diligently looking for the Wii game console for Spencer for Christmas. Dave........aka Dad of the up this morning at 6:30am to go to Target because one of the employees told him they were getting some in today. He got there at 7 and there were already 40 people in line for it. He was kind of bumming out but they started handing out tickets at 7:30 because it was crazy weather today of course. Here is a picture of my back deck and you will see why Dave is Dad of the year. Needless to say we got it.

So Christmas is saved. I already told Spencer that he probablly would not get it because I was not going to pay a premium for it. We are really excited about it. Almost everyone we know that has one is totally excited about it.

Here is a few pictures of Spencer and his chicken pox.

You cant really see it well but this first picture to the left he has one pock on each eye lid. This next one looks like I drew the big dipper on his back. And the ones on his head are huge. I put my finger in the picture for a size reference.

I have a funny story about my neice when she was little. My sister asked her if she had ever had the chicken pox, she said "No, but I've had chicken nuggets."
I know Spencer would rather have chicken nuggets too.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

YEEEEEEHOOOOOOOO!!!! My new to me industrial sewing machine is sitting in my basement. This thing is a haus. Dave had a friend help him move it in. I do not currently have room in my craft room for it. I am quickly running out of space.

I have more bags to show you. Megan my friend is giving them to her aunt and mother.

This one is for Spencer's teacher.....the greatest teacher ever.....Mrs. Haar. Spencer actually helped me make this one. And he designed the cell phone case for her.

This one is just so cute but I dont know who would carry a cream purse. It really is lovely.

Here are the Mommy and Me bags I promised.

Take care. I will blog more tomorrow. cq

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have been on the hunt for the last two weeks for an industrial sewing machine. I have met and talked with some really nice people. I am always amazed at how there are instant connections with other people that do what you do. There are lots of talented people out there. I went to a store in Plymouth called Hands on Leather to use my first industrial sewing machine. I kind of store. Wow. I cant believe how much a machine can change your life. I cant wait to find one for my house. This thing sewed through my bags like "budda" not buddha "budda".

Well there was a really talented girl in there named Janine. She makes the cutest leather pockets for change and coupons. She hand tools the leather and sews them up by hand. They are only 35-50 dollars. She also makes the most beautiful mittens. She only sells those for the wool that she has in them.

I also went to a lady's house. She has a Mercury M280L. In the process of looking at it I sold her one of my purses. I was really excited about that. I really need this machine because my purse inventory is down to 4 bags. So I just called her and told her I will take the machine.

Wish me luck because this thing is FAAAAASSSSSSTTTTTTTT!!!

My camera just died. Of course. So in about an hour I will put some pictures of the mommy and me bags on here. OHOHOHOOHOH> I just opened an Etsy account. I am trying to link from here. But the pictures for that sight will not be up for an hour either.

Last but not least. Spencer came home from school today. He has the pox..........chicken flavored. Not fun.

OK. Off to make some purses.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hello all. I just went to my first craft show. WOW. I was so surprised at how well it went. My expectations were very low. I only expected to sell 1 or 2 of my bags. I sold 10. YOWSA!! The feedback that I recieved was priceless for me. I am really excited to get back to the craft room and whip up some more tasty treats.

The top right pictures are all of the treasures I brought to the craft show. I set up my living room to look like how I wanted it to look at the show. And of course I left my camera at home the day of so these are the only pictures that I have of the table. I did take some with my camera phone but now I need to figure out how to get those off of there and on to here.

These two sweaters and the giraffe outfit are still available. The jackets are 35 each and the giraffe outfit is 55. The pants and hat are 70 % silk and 30 % cashmere and the giraffes are 100% cashmere. Size NB. They are decadent. The green jacket size 12 mos is 100% merino and the striped one size 2t is lambs wool the grey lining on the front of the jacket is 100% cashmere.

I also have 3 mommy and me bags left. I will try to post those pictures later. The olive one is 120, the blue one is 100 and the red one is 80.
There are cell phone cases for the olive and blue one of these bags for an add on of 8 dollars. (These cell phone cases are made by Spencer and the procedes go to him. He is wanting to get a new toy that is 80 bucks! and he is learning sewing skills.)
At the show several people want to have cindygert parties. So if you are interested please let me know in advance so I can get all of the goodies made.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

These are the purses that I make. The green one......the Gerty bag is my hottest seller. I have sold 7 of those. Each one a little different. The one on the top left is such a cute bag. My sister found the belt and I thought what an UGLY belt. But what a cute purse strap.......oh yea. The inside of this bag has a cow print with a pocket to hold all of your goodies like lipstick and personal items. The top middle one, the brown bag, was my first sweater bag. That purse is wonderful too. My friend Anna owns that bag now but I wanted to let you see what started the whole sweater bags.

The red and grey one is a mommy and me bag. Oh how cute it is. Too bad I dont have a girl. But my youngest son really likes the small purse too. I need to figure out how to make a daddy and me bag.......I dont think I would have a big market for those though. Well......maybe that could be my niche. (I hope you hear the touch of sarcasm there.)

Any who......these are some of the girls. If you are interested in my bags let me know. I can get the most recent ones on here soon but my camera is MIA right now. Oh and I have more things to show you. I make the cutest little baby pants too out of the sweater sleeves. Take care until next time.

Hello. This is a new adventure for me. Blogging that is.

This is me with my husband and two boys on Rosemary Beach in Florida. I have to say this is the best vacation that I have ever taken with my family. We stayed at place that had a 12,000 square foot pool.........yes very decidant.