Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Most excellent news has just reached me.

My first bag sold in a store yesterday!!!

Thanks to the store SoBo Style in Columbus, OH

Thanks Katie!!!

If you are reading this and you are the one who purchased this bag/or recieved this bag.........please leave me a comment to let me know how you like your bag. I am really excited about this!!!

I have just been to a really cool website called The Stretcher. It has some the best tips on there to save you money on cleaning supplies and other tidbits. I am always buying stuff at the thrift stores with that musty odor. I now know how to releive myself of the nasty odors. Thanks Stretcher for your help.
I need to start having thrifty days with pictures of all of my finds. I found some of the coolest drapes from the 60's-70's avocado green. LOVE them. They stink though. So they are in the washer with vinegar right now. We will see if The Stretcher is correct.
Speaking of vintage, I thought I might give you a glimpse of some more vintage me shots.

Can you guess which one is me? Yep, on the right. Actually that is my greatx8 grandma from the 1800's (ha). Did everyone have one of these pictures from the Laura Ingall's era?

And then my sister Lisa took Anne and I to the mall and had these pictures taken. Obviously I dressed myself because as you will notice I am in a summer dress while my sisters are in winter outfits. (Being the youngest of 8 has its privileges.)

And now we get to the "piece de resistance" (I know that spelling is incorrect) my junior prom picture with my date....Rob (last name omitted to protect the innocent). Anyways.....he is now a sheriff in fact, I went to prom with Barney. (Sorry.......that just made me laugh for 5 minutes) He was a very nice date and kind of stetson looking I might add. He was a year younger than me so I had to drive. To say the least it was a weird night. I actually remember saying......Oh my gosh!! I am so fat in that picture!! Da! "Youth is wasted on the young"

And yes, the black thing on the back was part of my dress. So cool!!! Actually I think the tidal wave on my forehead is the best look of all.

I am feeling rather giddy at the moment about these pictures. I have not seen them in a while so I am just having a laugh attack.....excuse me.

Hope you get a laugh too!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I went to Columbus, OH again this weekend. My sister from Georgia decided to come up with her kids so I met her. My kids LOVE her kids. They had pillow fights, movie night, and good old fashioned hang time with their favorite cousin....the boy in the middle....Paxton.

He is the nicest 14 year old boy I know. I do not know too many that will talk on the phone for 45 minutes to little kids but he does. Thanks Paxton. You sometimes help me get my house clean by doing that. This is me with my littlest one. My older son took the picture. I have bangs. What do you think? I have not had bangs since oh... 1991 maybe?

I just got some pictures from my sister of me in highschool. Does this picture say......
take the picture already!!! or what?

And then Owen, my little one, took this picture of Spencer. I thought it was kind of cool since you can see him through the excersise ball. I think maybe it is a double exposure kind of thing but this was a digital camera....go figure.

I stopped in at SoBo and she has the bags in the store.........yea!!! If you go to her sight now you will see them.
Last week I made a few bags for my friend Megan's mom. I had the colored flowered one mostly finished two weeks ago but finally finished it. She came over about 3 weeks ago to pick out her own fabrics. I think she did a great job.

Love Love Love this black and white one. It is vintage fabric. I think circa 1960.


Megan herself is sporting the bag. I must say she looks like a hip little mama wearing a
cindygert bag.
I cant wait to get an action shot of her mom carrying it.
This one is made from a high end upholstery fabric. I really love this one too. It is totally a different look than the black and white one and a little shorter in the height of the bag too. I needed to alter the pattern to accomodate the fabric.

See how cute it is with Megan giving me an action shot? The baby(Collin) might be distracting you. He is super cute!!!

This one seems to me like it should be in a JCrew magazine. This is vintage fabric also. I got 3 yard of it and the original price on it was 75cents. (That is not what I paid for it.....mmmm.....a little more than that) So I am thinking late 50's early 60's. One side is all blue and the other is these really cool stripes. I could see the made into one of those really full skirts of the 50's (think Beaver's Mom).

The blue one is in the shop in Brighton, MI at Just So! Sold!!!$49.00 Thanks Diana!

Monday, July 21, 2008

This past weekend was one of the most wonderful weekends for me. I went to visit my sister in Columbus, OH again. I was working on bags for a month so I could take them to a very cute store in Clintonville called SoBo Style.

It is such a pleasure to go into that store. They have all kinds of wonderful must haves for your home, children, and yourself. There is black cabinet that I have my eye on. Next time I go down, I am bringing my husband in to see it. I just need to find the perfect place in my house for it.

I now have 6 bags that will be in the store sometime next week. I can not tell you how excited I am that my bags are going to be in this store.

Question: Who loves owls?? I do. I do.

Katie Palmer, store owner of SoBo Style recommended me to go to a great little fabric shoppe up the street called Sew to Speak, 4610 N. High St, Columbus OH. Her logo is an it!! Have I told you I have a thing for owl's? The owner Anita Bowman was in and she helped me to pick out a lovely Amy Butler pattern for a skirt. This is my newest adventure. I am actually going to try to tackle a garment piece. I have not done that since the 9th grade at boarding school. The pattern is the Barcelona Skirt. The fabric is Lotus Lime/Tree Peony. This fabric will be the holy grail for me. I will only use it when I have made a few skirts that actually fit correctly.

Last week I made a skirt from this pattern. Oh my.........dreadful on me. I looked like a cow. I need something a little more structured in the tummy area. But dont you think that is a great idea? So I am going to try the Amy Butler a-line Barcelona skirt instead. I have so many cute fabrics to make them with.

My sister signed up for a sewing class too. I may have a helper in my future. Anita (I said Amy at first if you read this blog a couple of days ago......must have had Amy Butler on the brain) Bowman will also do tutoring one on one. I am considering teaching a class on how to make my Mrs. Darcy or Camilla bag. Would any of you be interested in coming to a class? I could have a trial run at my house. Let me know what you think. Ta Ta for now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Do these speak for themselves? Go Bucks!!

They meet!!

The cutest Bucks bag ever!!

$59.00 Sold!!!!

Here I am sporting the 14 th (place? or state) bag

My oldest son begged me to buy this yellow ribbon. And my youngest son's favorite color is Blue. So there you have it.

Available $59.00

The face off!!! Who do you think wins?

burp!! mmmm.........tastes like chicken!!!

This is my growing stash!! I will be bringing them into the shops and putting them on Etsy soon.

Mrs. Darcy Green $59.00 Sold!! Camilla Neutral(circles) $39.00 Sold

Monday, July 14, 2008

Green Mrs. Darcy $59.00 available
This is what I have been working on this past weekend. All that green fabric is used up. I really like it. Now I need to find a better way to take pictures.
I went to The Art in the Park in Plymouth, MI. Wow. There were tons of people there. I went to help out a friend at her booth. Part of the Heart. The owner Karryn (pronounce car-in) Mahle has wonderful jewelry. She brings alot of people to the show.
It was interesting to see the show from a vendors perspective. It is alot of work. I wanted to take pictures of other purse vendors but there were only 2. One had leather bags that were incredible and the booth was impressive. Too much for what I want to do and the other one was too little of what I wanted to do. So I did not take pictures........I should have though so I could show you. If I can get my inventory up, I may go next year and try to get in.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What do you think?

Is she as cute as the brown one? I really do like this one too. I MUST find more of the brown fabric!!! Anyone have some brown and cream cool upholstry fabric laying around? If you do I would trade for a bag...........................really!! Mrs. Darcy Green $59.00 available

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh.........I am so depressed. I just found out that I will not be going to the Renegade Craft Fair. I really wanted to go. Anybody know of another great craft fair that I could get into. Preferably in the midwest.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Howdy!! I am on a purse making frenzy. Better get me while I'm hot. Here is a bag that I made tonight. I had a customer stop over and pick out her own fabric. Me likey!!! I hope she does.
Dont you love it when the sewing mojo hits you? I do!!
These are my new beauties.

This one on the left is now my new most favorite bag I have ever made. It is sooooooo stinkin' cute.

This is me carrying my new fav. I think maybe I need a cute brown dress and heels to go with it now.
I need to come up with a name for her.......any ideas? Please submit ideas in the comments section. I think mmm........Cindy is a good name. HA HA I actually think it may be the Mrs. Darcy bag. ( may only call me Mrs. Darcy when you are incandescently happy!!) I think its workin'. What do you think?
This is defined........clutchy goodness!!! It is perfect for a night out on the town. Lipstick, ID, moola and maybe a cell phone. I will update with a look inside the madness tomorrow....or later today.

OK> Remember....I love comments. Please let me know what you are thinkin' out there.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The New Girls on the Block

Clutch $49.00 Sale Pending!!!

Zippered Geometric Bag Leather Bottom $59.00
No longer pending. (see newer post)

Tan/Black Swirl with Bow Leather Bottom $59.00

Red/Black/White Vintage Flower $49.00 Sold!! Thanks Anna!
(Does not have leather bottom)

These are the new girls on the block. Top is a clutch. It is actually Amy Butler's pattern.....tweeked a bit to fit the fabric. It has a leather flap with a magnetic snap for a closure. Stacey from Beading Friendzy stopped by my house with a bag full of sample fabrics from JC Penney. The first 3 bags are products of her generosity. Thanks Stacey!!!! Second bag is a zippered top with two handles. I think I will make several of this size. I really like it. The tan one with the bow is really nice fabric. It is kind of silky. This bag will go with just about anything. The White, Black and Red one is vintage fabric. You can wear this over your neck. I kind of like it but I may make one with a shorter handle, maybe just big enought to get your arm through with some room to spare. The only thing is, I forgot the magnetic closure on that one. May have to fix that soon.

Let me know what you think. Please.....I know you are out there reading this, leave me a comment. I love them.