Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been busy busy busy!!!

I have been a shopping fool!!! I have gone to almost every Value World in the Detroit Area scrounging for goodies for my bags. Sorry if you came to those stores after me.........I cleaned them out of sweaters, belts, and leather coats............oh boy what a productive month for shopping. Not very productive for actual bag making in the last month. But I got a lot of "seeds" for my bags. I will be having many many bags this year.

My goal is to sell 500 bags.......yes that is right five hundred. Anybody want to come work with me? I need washers for my sweaters and people to sew the inside of my bags. I am wanting to trade services for a while. Your motto needs to be "will work for bags!!!;)"
This was the first few stores....
For my leather garden. OOOHhhhhhh yummy leather!!! That is about 12-15 leather coats.

That is my oldest in the middle of my entry way in a mountain.....or a sea of sweaters. He is pretty big too, he is 8. So it is a sizable sea.
Have you ever felt like someone has picked your house up and shook it like a snow globe and then put it back down again and said........"could you clean this up?" That has been my month away from blogging. I am hoping to share with you some "after" photos. I could never show the before.....a little to "real" for my bloggy friends. Well actually I guess I have given you a taste with these photos of my entry way..... I have been trying to move my bag making operation from the small bedroom 10x10 to the basement that is a bit larger.
Hope you all had a beautiful February and are ready for a "green" March. I would love that for up here but things do not start getting green until May.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In desperate need of a coupon

To all of you in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area:

I need to get a Value World coupon. If you see it in the paper, would you please let me know so I can go get the paper? Value World is a thrift store. So if you dont use yours.......pretty please may I have it? I think it will be coming out February 22 in the Red Plum coupons in the Detroit Press and the U of M newspaper (.....whatever that is.) I have never seen the U of M newspaper.


Monday, February 09, 2009

2 New Bags

Pink Passion.........($115) The flower on the front is actually a pin that you can take off and put on your coat if you would like. The interior is a vintage fabric, belt is Eddie Bauer bottom is a retro leather coat. I will try to upload a photo of that later. Sold!!!!! Thanks Kim!!!

Pink Birdies on a Limb..........($105) The sweater is JCrew 50% wool and 50% cotton. Yummy. And the belt is a Ralph Lauren and the bottom is a retro leather coat. Sold!!!!

Friday my wee one came home sick from school with a fever. I had my whole day of thrifting planned......I never plan. The one day I have planned and it goes bust. Maybe this Friday I will be able to go. I am on the hunt for 500 sweaters and belts and several leather pieces. If you are getting rid of any.......please think of me. I will give you first dibs on the bags that are made from them and I will also provide some sort of discount on your purchase (usually about $2 per item, leather coats a little more). I will need to get a sheet of some sort to make it uniform for the discount.
So needless to say, I did not get much done this weekend except lay on the couch with my two babies (who are not babies anymore....5 and 8) and watch movies.