Tuesday, April 10, 2007

These are the purses that I make. The green one......the Gerty bag is my hottest seller. I have sold 7 of those. Each one a little different. The one on the top left is such a cute bag. My sister found the belt and I thought what an UGLY belt. But what a cute purse strap.......oh yea. The inside of this bag has a cow print with a pocket to hold all of your goodies like lipstick and personal items. The top middle one, the brown bag, was my first sweater bag. That purse is wonderful too. My friend Anna owns that bag now but I wanted to let you see what started the whole sweater bags.

The red and grey one is a mommy and me bag. Oh how cute it is. Too bad I dont have a girl. But my youngest son really likes the small purse too. I need to figure out how to make a daddy and me bag.......I dont think I would have a big market for those though. Well......maybe that could be my niche. (I hope you hear the touch of sarcasm there.)

Any who......these are some of the girls. If you are interested in my bags let me know. I can get the most recent ones on here soon but my camera is MIA right now. Oh and I have more things to show you. I make the cutest little baby pants too out of the sweater sleeves. Take care until next time.

Hello. This is a new adventure for me. Blogging that is.

This is me with my husband and two boys on Rosemary Beach in Florida. I have to say this is the best vacation that I have ever taken with my family. We stayed at place that had a 12,000 square foot pool.........yes very decidant.