Friday, October 30, 2009

cindygert will now be available at Simply Good Kitchen

This is Shanny and Bill Apodaca. They are the Owners/Chefs at Simply Good Kitchen. They teach the most wonderful cooking classes and they also offer Food to Go. They have different foods every week and they also have a hotdog cart outside for lunch that serves Chicago style dogs. We just got the yankee pot roast and the beef bourginon. Owen was very upset that we were having this food. I told him to just try a bite and I guaranteed it would be the best thing he ever ate.....after eating it he said, "Mom, can we eat this every night?" He is super picky. I have found that even food I would not normally eat, I will eat here because it is THAT good!! Their name says it all.....Simply Good. The pot roast and the beef bourginon were to die for. We ate every last morsel!!!

Gray with Flowers $85.00
Brown Leather $125

Dragon Fly $135 Sold!!! Thanks Luann


Black Leather $125
If you are in the Birmingham, MI area...please stop over at Simply Good and get yourself some great food and a purse!!! Please tell Bill and Shanny I sent you!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two new stores will carry cindygert handbags!!!

I am so excited to tell you that today I went to Ferndale, MI and Tantra Spa will be carrying my bags. These bags will only be available at Tantra Spa.

Green Stripes with Sequens and Burgundy Flowers $85

Gray with Blue Diamonds $115.00

Brown with Orange Flowers $115

Cream with Tan $115

Turtles $105

Brown with Red Poppies $105

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

3 new bags and a lost tooth

My little guy...who is not so little any more, will be 6 tomorrow and last night he lost his first tooth!!! He was soooooooooooooooo excited!!! He will now be in the lost tooth club at school.
Dragon Fly $95.00

Gray with 3 red flowers $105.00

Gray with pink flowers and a butterfly!!! $95.00
Love this bag!!! You can not see it in the photo but is has a curly q in pink for the butterfly.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Turtles!!! $105.00 Tantra Spa
Cream and tan. $115.00 Tantra Spa
This picture is not great. Hopefully tomorrow I can get better pictures outside....Sun where are you??

2 New Bags....hopefully 5 more tomorrow!!

I guess slow is better than never....these are the 2 latest bags. I will take better pictures tomorrow.

Brown with red poppies.......$105.00 Tantra Spa
Weekender......$165.00 This bag is huge!!! This is another "ugly sweater...beautiful bag!!!" This is another "I want to keep" for me bag. I just need to find places to go on the weekends!!!
Available at Dec 3 show

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This bag is made from a Gap wool sweater, and an Italian leather belt. $95.00 The buttons even came from Italy. My husband went to a street bazaar in Italy and found some vintage Italian buttons for me. I love them!! Sold!!! Thanks Sonya!!
This bag was a JCrew sweater and a Calvin Klein belt. $85.00 Sold!!!! Thanks Sonya!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally...a new bag. Pretty in Pink

Here she is Pretty in Pink. $115 Sold!!!! Thanks Anna!!
The flower looks like it blends in really well in this picture. It is super cute and the button on it looks like a piece of hard candy. I love it. The inside is an upscale upholstery fabric that was yummy to work with. I wish all the fabrics were this nice.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Breaking News!! A New Store in Harpers Ferry WV will be carrying cindygert bags.

This is the new store....Sugar Magnolia. I love the name and her shop looks wonderful. Maybe someday I can get over there to see it. If you are in the area please stop in and tell Maryanna, the owner, I sent you!!!

Multi color with flower. $125

Shades of Brown
Blue with Cream Flowers $85

Black with Gray Flowers $85
Brown and Blue Stripes $95
Blue with Funky Flowers $125

These are currently only available at her store. If you are interested please call the store at

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working a little slow these days...

I can not seem to shake this cold. I felt really great this weekend but then Monday....bam!! The cough returned. Hopefully I will be able to power through and make more bags soon.

My newest favorite!!! Green with Dragon fly. $135 Simply Good Kitchen
This bag is huge!! Not an overnighter unless it is a light one but definately diaper bag or for the lady that needs everything but the kitchen sink with her.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

20 YEARS!!! My high school reunion.

I had so much fun at this reunion. I really appreciate all the people that put this together for the rest of us to see each other. I found that everyone looked great but some looked very different. The most surprising for me were the guys.
20 years ago most of them were still boys and now they are men.
The ladies all looked the same. I guess we mature faster than men maybe?? Or maybe it was the lack of
Before I went in.
Julie just had a beautiful baby girl 7 weeks ago. Wish I could look that good after 7 weeks!!!
I am still working it off.
Me, Susan and Jody (her twin is Julie up above this photo) No not identical.

My friend Rita.

Shawna. We went to Florida our senior year for spring break......good times!!
Glad to see her after 10 years....let's not wait so long for the next time.
Mindy, Shawna and I....Dave was almost apart of the photo.

Here is a better photo of Dave...not my husband but a friend from school.

Me, Jeni (Jenay) and Pam. Had too much fun with these girls in high school!!

Dede!!! Cutey girl!! Lookin good!! of my best friends in high school.

Laura...another great friend.

Paige was the captain of my banner times!!!

Two great guys...Troy and Rob.

Tom and his beautiful wife in the middle.

Jeni and Darrin (no they are not a couple...just good friends). Too many great memories. I had so much fun seeing these two. I have not seen them in 20 years I think.

Darrin...went by Dargon all night. He is crazy!!

Tom, Sandy, me, and Jeni
Johnny, Chris and me.