Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breakfast at Tiffany's Before and After

I should probably wait until I have the room done......but if I did that it may be Christmas before I share. I have been lurking on sites such as Knack, Life in the Fun Lane and Thrifty Decor Chick to name a few. Please look at my blog list....there are so many talented women out there. They have so inspired me to get my house in order. I want to live in pretty and for a reasonable price.
Take this dresser. Kind of boring. Had it for 9 years as this brown blob. It has good bones, it is a Hill-Rom. So it probably was in a hospital at one point. I have two of them exactly the same. So when I decided to redecorate the spare bedroom I thought aqua because supposedly it is the color of the year. I went to Home Depot and got some spray primer, aqua spray paint, and white lacquer spray paint and got busy!!
Here is the before.

Sorry about the photos. There must have been something on the lens.

And ta da.......After!!!!
I am going to have to accent in 'diamonds' some where in the room. I just found a cool chandelier for 10 bucks that I am going to give the white lacquer treatment to....maybe diamonds will hang from there or a cool mirror...oh the possibilities.

I am not sure if I should rough up the paint a little or antique it. What do you think? As the Thrifty Decor Chick would say.....I Lurve it!! Can't wait to garage saleing (sp?) this summer.... my kids want in on the action too!! That way I can paint outside, before I bring it in.

hum... from this angle it looks like I may need to spray it some more in the front. In real life it does not look like this.

What have I been doing for a whole month of no posts?

Where do I begin? I have been dealing with one cold or ache after another. January is typically not my favorite month of the year. I think I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). My son just got over having pneumonia. Here are few new bags that I have worked on. Most of what I am doing right now is IOU's and special orders.

This lavender bag was for Renee from her husband. What a sweet husband!!! Happy Birthday Renee!!

Lavender with Flower $120 Sold!!!
This bag is for my friend Vickie. She said she loves humming birds. So this is what I came up with. The inspiration for this bird came from here. I love how this turned out. Please feel free to give me new suggestions for pretties on my (your) bags.

This bag is a monstrostity. It is my overnight bag. I LOVE it!! I have been wanting to make myself one of these since I started making bags. I was starting to feel like the cobbler's kid with no shoes.

It is sooooooo me!!!

This bag is for Sonya. She sent me this sweater and belt and this is what it turned into.
Isn't she loverly?? I love the buttons!!!

This picture does not do it justice. There is a little bit of bling in the center of this button.