Monday, February 25, 2008

I am really excited because I just had my first sale on Etsy. The brown stripes bag sold. That made my day. Thanks Lisa!! 55.00

This past weekend I went to visit my sister in Columbus Ohio. We did quite a bit of thrifting/antiquing/junkin. Whatever you want to call it. I got some of the most fabulous vintage fabrics. I was looking for fabrics to make my spring/summer bags. I went to this store called Mad4Mod Vintage. If you need anything for a disco party.......thats your store. I really love this green fabric with the blue and yellow and red flowers. They were originally curtain panels. I got a really sweet deal on it because it was ripped. I also got this pink fabric. It is by a designer named MirĂ³ from the 60's and 70's. They only produced this fabric for about 6 months in 1970 so it is a very rare fabric.

I found this fabric of the children around the world at a thrift store. I am thinking maybe a diaper bag or two out of this one. It looks like a 50's fabric. It has cute bunnies and bears and tigers on it. I have lots to show you so I will blog more later.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here are some more pictues of Friday's party. I wish I was more of a photographer, I would have taken a picture of all of the items that I one picture. It was quite a spread.

My next show will be on March 11 at the Business Fair at Lakes Elementary school in Hartland. It is located off of old 23 on Taylor Rd. Hope to see you there. I am working on some springy/summery bags.

Tina with her brown bag.

Hilary with her "Mommy" of her Mommy and Me bags.

Megan purchased this little beauty for her mother-in-law.
Lori took home the brown/green bag with a wonderful belt. Thanks Lori for all of your encouragment.

Hillary purchased the orangy-pink Mommy and Me bags. Thanks Hillary for your continued support.

Sarah took home the covetted "weekender" bag. This bag got many favorites on Etsy and at the party.

Hosting has its rewards. This cute number was Megan's reward for having a party in her home. Thanks so much Megan for getting your friends together and sharing my homemade goodies with them. It was a lovely party.

Tina took home the Polka Dots bag. This bag is great for carrying all of your essentials including but not limited to your computer, files, diapers, sippy know just the necessities.

Please post comments if you would like. Especially those of you who have my bags.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

These are the new kids on the block.

Neutral stripes. This bag will go with everything. It has a brown leather belt with a leather bottom.
This green one has a braided belt on it. I love the way this one lays on the shoulder. This is the perfect size bag. Sold!!


The brown polka dot is a large bag with a lot of stiffener in it. This would be a great knitting bag or possible diaper bag. Sold!!

This black and orange one is for the Brighton Bulldogs. I am having a party this Friday and there will be some ladies there that are Bulldog fans. I have another one that is totally orange with a black ribbon around the bag. No flowers on that bag. The buttons on this black bag with the flowers has vintage buttons from the button lady in Ann Arbor. They are hammered silver buttons. You cant really see it in the picture very well.

This pink one is really cute. It is very Japanese looking. The leaves on the branch are actually hearts.