Tuesday, February 12, 2008

These are the new kids on the block.

Neutral stripes. This bag will go with everything. It has a brown leather belt with a leather bottom.
This green one has a braided belt on it. I love the way this one lays on the shoulder. This is the perfect size bag. Sold!!


The brown polka dot is a large bag with a lot of stiffener in it. This would be a great knitting bag or possible diaper bag. Sold!!

This black and orange one is for the Brighton Bulldogs. I am having a party this Friday and there will be some ladies there that are Bulldog fans. I have another one that is totally orange with a black ribbon around the bag. No flowers on that bag. The buttons on this black bag with the flowers has vintage buttons from the button lady in Ann Arbor. They are hammered silver buttons. You cant really see it in the picture very well.

This pink one is really cute. It is very Japanese looking. The leaves on the branch are actually hearts.

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