Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lori took home the brown/green bag with a wonderful belt. Thanks Lori for all of your encouragment.

Hillary purchased the orangy-pink Mommy and Me bags. Thanks Hillary for your continued support.

Sarah took home the covetted "weekender" bag. This bag got many favorites on Etsy and at the party.

Hosting has its rewards. This cute number was Megan's reward for having a party in her home. Thanks so much Megan for getting your friends together and sharing my homemade goodies with them. It was a lovely party.

Tina took home the Polka Dots bag. This bag is great for carrying all of your essentials including but not limited to your computer, files, diapers, sippy cups......you know just the necessities.

Please post comments if you would like. Especially those of you who have my bags.

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