Monday, October 05, 2009

Fabulous weekend!!!!!!

I don't know if I could have had more fun this weekend if I tried. All my most favorite things to do (with out my husband and kids) I got to do. I drove down to Columbus, Oh where I went to a fabulous Art Market at SoBo Style and sold 7 bags including my two coveted bags.....the bomber leather bag and the overnighter. Spent the day meeting and talking to new people which I love to do. Katie decided to keep 16 bags for the for those of you that did not make it on Saturday, she has a few for you to decide on. After the Art Market I spent time with my sister who lives in Columbus. We went to dinner and then decided to sing karaoke style(I know I am crazy!!). We had too much fun!! Then on Sunday we went thrifting where I found 10 leather coats to make more leather bags....oooooh cant wait!!! And then the cherry on the top...we went to a movie. I think I need to start doing movie reviews on here too. It is such a huge love of mine. We saw "Fame". It was so good!!!

I had to take pictures on the way down because the ride over was so beautiful. I thought it was supposed to rain the entire weekend. It pretty much looked like this the entire weekend.

This is me surrounded by all of my bags at the store. The angle of this picture of me is kind of off but it is the only one I got. I had to share because I was super impressed with my hair. I felt like one of Charlies Angels with my bangs flipped like that. Here are a few pictures of all the bags (and you can see how cute her store is).

Now this brings me to my list of wants and desires at Katie's store.

This owl is to die for. It is made of steel by a 92 year old man in his barn. This is definitely coming home with me. I have such a hard time making decisions without my husband along to oooh and awe too. So....I will bring him in next weekend.

These are the most fabulous gift ideas. They are wine corks made from door handles, finials, old faucet handles.....just super neat!!!

These black cabinets I have been lusting after for 5 years. Could we take the plunge already? I think this is the year to finally attend to my living room and dining room...where this would feel right at home.

THIS is my favorite one. She also has one that is slightly narrower than this one. I need just the right spot......oh where oh where can this little cabinet go? And there is a harvest table with stained wood on the top and the legs are black with 6 chairs to go with it....... Then I need to call this next lady about a cool chandelier.......ooooohhhh the possibilities.

Now on to my next crave. Did I ever tell you I have a thing right now for lamps? I have been collecting them on my trips thrifting. This lamp is done by artist :

Claudia Curry from Back to Light. She creates lamp art from vintage parts and pieces and brings them "back to light". They are truly one-of-a-kind lamps and complement the vintage furniture at SoBo perfectly! Claudia was one of the featured artists this past Saturday, October 3rd for the Arts Market. Katie's current inventory of vintage lamp art is now 25% off. (I am not sure how long they will be on sale.)

I am wanting to make a quilt and this lamp would just go fabulously!!!

I thought this was hysterical!!!

Isn't this chair simply fabulous?

And I could not resist......owlies!!! I want a pair in my size. Too Cute!!!!!

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