Monday, July 21, 2008

This past weekend was one of the most wonderful weekends for me. I went to visit my sister in Columbus, OH again. I was working on bags for a month so I could take them to a very cute store in Clintonville called SoBo Style.

It is such a pleasure to go into that store. They have all kinds of wonderful must haves for your home, children, and yourself. There is black cabinet that I have my eye on. Next time I go down, I am bringing my husband in to see it. I just need to find the perfect place in my house for it.

I now have 6 bags that will be in the store sometime next week. I can not tell you how excited I am that my bags are going to be in this store.

Question: Who loves owls?? I do. I do.

Katie Palmer, store owner of SoBo Style recommended me to go to a great little fabric shoppe up the street called Sew to Speak, 4610 N. High St, Columbus OH. Her logo is an it!! Have I told you I have a thing for owl's? The owner Anita Bowman was in and she helped me to pick out a lovely Amy Butler pattern for a skirt. This is my newest adventure. I am actually going to try to tackle a garment piece. I have not done that since the 9th grade at boarding school. The pattern is the Barcelona Skirt. The fabric is Lotus Lime/Tree Peony. This fabric will be the holy grail for me. I will only use it when I have made a few skirts that actually fit correctly.

Last week I made a skirt from this pattern. Oh my.........dreadful on me. I looked like a cow. I need something a little more structured in the tummy area. But dont you think that is a great idea? So I am going to try the Amy Butler a-line Barcelona skirt instead. I have so many cute fabrics to make them with.

My sister signed up for a sewing class too. I may have a helper in my future. Anita (I said Amy at first if you read this blog a couple of days ago......must have had Amy Butler on the brain) Bowman will also do tutoring one on one. I am considering teaching a class on how to make my Mrs. Darcy or Camilla bag. Would any of you be interested in coming to a class? I could have a trial run at my house. Let me know what you think. Ta Ta for now.

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katie said...

Hi Cindy:

Thanks for putting us on your blog!
Your bags are going to look great at SoBo. Please let me know when you get your description tags completed because we're ready to your purses put on the floor!

-Katie Palmer
SoBo Style