Monday, July 14, 2008

Green Mrs. Darcy $59.00 available
This is what I have been working on this past weekend. All that green fabric is used up. I really like it. Now I need to find a better way to take pictures.
I went to The Art in the Park in Plymouth, MI. Wow. There were tons of people there. I went to help out a friend at her booth. Part of the Heart. The owner Karryn (pronounce car-in) Mahle has wonderful jewelry. She brings alot of people to the show.
It was interesting to see the show from a vendors perspective. It is alot of work. I wanted to take pictures of other purse vendors but there were only 2. One had leather bags that were incredible and the booth was impressive. Too much for what I want to do and the other one was too little of what I wanted to do. So I did not take pictures........I should have though so I could show you. If I can get my inventory up, I may go next year and try to get in.

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