Monday, July 28, 2008

Last week I made a few bags for my friend Megan's mom. I had the colored flowered one mostly finished two weeks ago but finally finished it. She came over about 3 weeks ago to pick out her own fabrics. I think she did a great job.

Love Love Love this black and white one. It is vintage fabric. I think circa 1960.


Megan herself is sporting the bag. I must say she looks like a hip little mama wearing a
cindygert bag.
I cant wait to get an action shot of her mom carrying it.
This one is made from a high end upholstery fabric. I really love this one too. It is totally a different look than the black and white one and a little shorter in the height of the bag too. I needed to alter the pattern to accomodate the fabric.

See how cute it is with Megan giving me an action shot? The baby(Collin) might be distracting you. He is super cute!!!

This one seems to me like it should be in a JCrew magazine. This is vintage fabric also. I got 3 yard of it and the original price on it was 75cents. (That is not what I paid for it.....mmmm.....a little more than that) So I am thinking late 50's early 60's. One side is all blue and the other is these really cool stripes. I could see the made into one of those really full skirts of the 50's (think Beaver's Mom).

The blue one is in the shop in Brighton, MI at Just So! Sold!!!$49.00 Thanks Diana!

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