Monday, July 28, 2008

I went to Columbus, OH again this weekend. My sister from Georgia decided to come up with her kids so I met her. My kids LOVE her kids. They had pillow fights, movie night, and good old fashioned hang time with their favorite cousin....the boy in the middle....Paxton.

He is the nicest 14 year old boy I know. I do not know too many that will talk on the phone for 45 minutes to little kids but he does. Thanks Paxton. You sometimes help me get my house clean by doing that. This is me with my littlest one. My older son took the picture. I have bangs. What do you think? I have not had bangs since oh... 1991 maybe?

I just got some pictures from my sister of me in highschool. Does this picture say......
take the picture already!!! or what?

And then Owen, my little one, took this picture of Spencer. I thought it was kind of cool since you can see him through the excersise ball. I think maybe it is a double exposure kind of thing but this was a digital camera....go figure.

I stopped in at SoBo and she has the bags in the store.........yea!!! If you go to her sight now you will see them.

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