Sunday, December 16, 2007

The eagle has landed.

We have been diligently looking for the Wii game console for Spencer for Christmas. Dave........aka Dad of the up this morning at 6:30am to go to Target because one of the employees told him they were getting some in today. He got there at 7 and there were already 40 people in line for it. He was kind of bumming out but they started handing out tickets at 7:30 because it was crazy weather today of course. Here is a picture of my back deck and you will see why Dave is Dad of the year. Needless to say we got it.

So Christmas is saved. I already told Spencer that he probablly would not get it because I was not going to pay a premium for it. We are really excited about it. Almost everyone we know that has one is totally excited about it.

Here is a few pictures of Spencer and his chicken pox.

You cant really see it well but this first picture to the left he has one pock on each eye lid. This next one looks like I drew the big dipper on his back. And the ones on his head are huge. I put my finger in the picture for a size reference.

I have a funny story about my neice when she was little. My sister asked her if she had ever had the chicken pox, she said "No, but I've had chicken nuggets."
I know Spencer would rather have chicken nuggets too.

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