Thursday, December 13, 2007

I have been on the hunt for the last two weeks for an industrial sewing machine. I have met and talked with some really nice people. I am always amazed at how there are instant connections with other people that do what you do. There are lots of talented people out there. I went to a store in Plymouth called Hands on Leather to use my first industrial sewing machine. I kind of store. Wow. I cant believe how much a machine can change your life. I cant wait to find one for my house. This thing sewed through my bags like "budda" not buddha "budda".

Well there was a really talented girl in there named Janine. She makes the cutest leather pockets for change and coupons. She hand tools the leather and sews them up by hand. They are only 35-50 dollars. She also makes the most beautiful mittens. She only sells those for the wool that she has in them.

I also went to a lady's house. She has a Mercury M280L. In the process of looking at it I sold her one of my purses. I was really excited about that. I really need this machine because my purse inventory is down to 4 bags. So I just called her and told her I will take the machine.

Wish me luck because this thing is FAAAAASSSSSSTTTTTTTT!!!

My camera just died. Of course. So in about an hour I will put some pictures of the mommy and me bags on here. OHOHOHOOHOH> I just opened an Etsy account. I am trying to link from here. But the pictures for that sight will not be up for an hour either.

Last but not least. Spencer came home from school today. He has the pox..........chicken flavored. Not fun.

OK. Off to make some purses.

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