Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What can happen in a week? A lot!!

I want to share with you one of the most beautiful sites of my week. Here is my friend Tina bringing me food for dinner.

We belong to a cooking club where we each take a night to cook for the other families and then the other nights we sit back a wait for our food to be delivered.

This has changed my life. My grocery bills have gone down, we are saving fuel from only firing up one oven and we are developing wonderful relationships.

If you ever have any questions about this, or if you want to start one of your own, let me know. I would be glad to help.

This is why I am all out of wack right now. This is what my kitchen looks like. Do you like my decorating?

We just had our carpets cleaned. Oh how I love when the carpets are cleaned.

This is my family room with no furniture in it and beautifully cleaned carpets. View 1

And View 2.....Captain Underpants is in my family room with his blanky.

My family room looks huge without any furniture.

We had the carpets cleaned yesterday but we wanted to give it a full 35 hours (and counting) before we put the furniture back.

Three new bags and 2 bags that have already been featured on here are going to SoBo Style in the morning.

Hopefully I will get the other 2 done before the mail gets here.

I have been trying to get bags done like a crazy lady but things keep coming up.

I had a Jewelry party on Friday. I invited about 40 women to come and only 4 showed up. Yikes. I have never in my life had that kind of a turn out. I guess my lessons learned are

one, dont have your party on the first Friday of the month because people might not turn their calendar over before your party,

two send out more reminders, and

three, only have parties that you are willing to sell sell sell the product!!!! I am not much of a fashion jewelry type of person. I would much rather have the diamonds and gold thank you!! (I am also allergic to most metals) However, this was not all bad. The four ladies that did make it, we all had a wonderful time and the Jewelry Lady did not do too bad either. Thanks ladies for a wonderful party and the after party

The last thing to share with you is that I have given up Diet Coke!!! The real reason for the dragging this week I think. This has been very difficult for me because I am seriously addicted to it. I have been feeling really bad for the last three and over those years it has gotten progessively worse. And my diet coke addiction started about 3 years My sister sent me this email telling me how bad diet coke is for you and how they have linked it to so many joint issues such as, MS, Lupis, and Fibromyalgia. I have been having many of those symptoms of fibromyalgia. We will see how it goes. If anyone wants to get on the wagon with me let me know.

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katie said...

Hi Cindy:
Yeah, you've been busy! And giving up Diet Coke, good for's evil. We're looking forward to receiving our new purses this week at SoBo Style. Thanks so much!