Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Middle name meme

This is my grandmother Gertrude, my father's mother to whom I am named after. She went by Gert. Her birthday is March 17, 1898. Yes, my grandmother was born in the 1800's. My dad is the youngest of 5 and I am the youngest of 8. So that makes me the Baby Baby. She had 26 grandchildren and I was her last one.
G-Good Friend. I like to have a lot of friends.
E-Entertain. I like to have people over and have fun.
R-Resale. I love to go to resale shops and pilfer through old junk.
T-Toes. I love love love baby toes.
R-Read. I like to read fiction with happy endings. Life is too real right now so I need happy stories.
U-Unfortunate. Only that I was never able to meet this woman. She died before my dad had any children. I heard she made great pies.
D-Devoted. To my family and friends and to my love of making things.
E-Elated that I was able to complete this. It was really hard to do.

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