Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi. I just wanted to share with you what is currently on my screen saver.
Every time I turn on my computer I see this and it makes me smile. I took this when I went on hike with my family about a month ago. I need to go again and get some of the beautiful fall foliage. It is BEAUTIFUL up here....until the gray sets in.
My camera broke down a couple of days ago. I took it in to get it fixed.......21 days until I get it back? I told the "geek" how was I supposed to run a business or blog without my camera? His advice was to buy a back up. Like they are just a couple of bucks. Thank goodness for sisters that will lend you their camera. I will be back in business tomorrow with some baggy goodness for you. 7 to be exact. Hopefully tomorrow I will even add 2 more to pile. I want to do an overnight one because I am going to Chicago on a big girls trip. I am going to Style Maxx. It is merchandise mart. I am not sure exactly what it entails......but I will fill you in on that on Monday. All righty.....its late. Good night!!

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