Friday, October 17, 2008

New Bags........I hope these will be going into a boutique in Chicago. Wish me luck!!! I leave in the morning. My goal is 3 more bags before the night is through. One is already completely done (update it is the owl bag), one is oh so close and one I have not started. That will be my overnight bag.
Owl in a Tree $85.00 SOLD!!!!! THANKS DENISE

Tan with 3 Plum Flowers $75.00

Bird on a Limb (Large) $115.00 Sold!!! Thanks Mary!!!!.

Brown Stripes with Lone Flower $85.00

Momma with 2 Chickadees$95.00 (Straps are a Coach Belt)

AAAAAAArrrgyle (Yes, you must use your pirate accent) Sold!!!! Thanks Kari!!! $95.00


mary said...

The Argyle one is my favourite. I absolutely love it!

Karin said...

Cindy, I LOVE these bags too. (And the ones shown in earlier posts that I read to "catch up.") The "new" bird applique is SO cute!!! And I do LOVE the argyle one too!

By the way, thought of you today when I read about a "sewing hammer." Have you ever heard of that?!? Um, maybe I should clarify why I thought of you... : ) Because one thing it's used for is to smash down thick seams, like when attaching handles to a purse. Let's see if I know how to add a link... See more about it here and

Til next time,
(Karee's cousin in MN)