Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My baby turned 5 yesterday!!!

Who's a big 5 year old? Owen is, Owen is!!!
The first picture of the day as a 5 year old.
Some friends over for the afternoon coloring (among other things....)For dinner we went to Red Robin. Owen wanted to have the people sing to him. Here he is starting to open his gifts. Spencer gave him a transformer.
Mom gave him baby boy and blankie back from time out. (His two most favorite possesions)

The family gave him "de Blob" Wii game. With it came this t-shirt. Fun Fun!!
This weekend grandma and grandpa are coming for a visit. That will be the real birthday party. We are going to RideMakerz for his birthday. We went a few weeks ago to a friends birthday party and my kids went nuts. This was so much fun. They have not stopped talking about it since. It is sort of like build a bear but you make a truck or car instead of a teddy bear.
Happy Birthday my beautiful baby boy. I love you so much!!
I did some family research when I posted about my grandmother. I found out that she is the baby of her family too so that makes me the Baby Baby Baby and Owen is the Baby Baby Baby Baby because he is the youngest in his family. He is also my parents last grandchild. Number 14

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