Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Three New Bags

Here are 3 new bags. Each one I loved making. I recieved 3 large garbage bags full of upscale fabric. 2 of these bags have that fabric in it.

Tan with Blue Flowers and a Butterfly $95 Will be at the show on December 3
I was trying to get a close up of the curly q for the butterfly.

Interior upscale fabric.......yummy!!!

Owlie $95
This bag I made especially for Yvette at Tantra Spa. I hope she likes it. It has a really long belt so she can pull it over her shoulder.

The interior is a vintage 70's curtains. LOVE this fabric. Groovy baby!!

Red with Cream Cashmere Flowers $125 Will be at the show December 3
This is my newest try at different flowers. These flowers are made of cashmere and it is twisted into a flower. They took me a long time figure them out and I love the results!!

The flowers spoke to me and said, "I am ready for my close up!!"

More yummy upscale fabric. I love this interior. It has a few surprises. All of them were orginally "accidents" from on other bags, that I did here on purpose. I find some of the accidents are lovely additions.

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mary said...

I love, love, love the red with flowers! It is gorgeous! In fact I love all of them (as usual!)