Thursday, November 12, 2009

Super Kitchy Owl!!

This owl is super kitchy!!
My son actually drew this on a sheet of paper and I loved it so much that I put it on a bag. Yes, I am getting my whole family involved with my purse business!!
My little one wants me to do one with bats on it. Think there will be any takers?

The bag is teal, the owl is pink and light teal. I absolutely love it, but it is "an owl thing" and you either get it or you dont!!
Yes, I would wear this with everything too!!

A total show stopper!! This will be available at SoBo Style!!
I have to tell you that I am super excited. I am having an organizer come to my house to organize my work area. I think I might be able to get 80 bags done in 30 days if my area was organized. Hopefully I will have "after" photos to show you (of the bags and the work area). I will not bore/scare you with the "before" until I have the "after". And if it works out well, I will share her info with you so you can get your place organized too if you live around here.

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