Saturday, November 21, 2009

cindygert at Lakes Elementary Small Business Fair

Hi. I will be at the Lakes Elementary School in Brighton/Hartland, MI from 9-3pm. Please come see me. These beauties will be there. I have several more in various states of completion. I have another show in Troy, MI on December 3. I am trying to have 60-80 bags finished for that day.
Green with Blue flowers and a Butterfly $95 Sold!!! Thanks Sonya!!!
Super Kitchy (kischy) Owl $120

Purple with Blue Flowers $85

Green with Pink Flowers $105 Sold!!! Thanks Cindy S.!! Red Dragon Fly $105 Sold!!!!

Denim Blue with Cashmere Flowers $125

Gray with Red Flowers $125

1 comment:

Laura Webber said...

Holy OWL!!! I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE the green owl bag!!! Selfishly, I hope it doesn't sell today!