Monday, December 22, 2008

These ones went to SoBo Style on Friday.........they are already gone except for one.

This one.......Pastel Persuasion.....$115.00 I love it. It is such a happy bag. If you want it, let me know and I can get it for you.
Gone baby gone.

Ditto on the ditto.

Yep. This one too.........gone. Thanks to all the ladies who purchased these bags.
These ones are going tomorrow. I am 'purse'onally going to deliver them. I wanted the number to be 10 but it is only 7.
LOVE this bag. I wanna keep it...........................$115
Close up of the cutey patutey owl.
These teal/robins egg blue flowers with the purple buttons are so cute......$95.00

Another Bird on a Limb. This one could be used for a computer travel bag, baby/diaper bag, or maybe even an overnighter...............$125.00

Red with gray flower.............$115.00

Black with cream flowers. I will try to get an interior picture. The fabric in this bag is delicious. It is a very upscale upholstery fabric from Robert Allen............$115.00

Cream and tan. This will match everything. It is quite large too...........$115.00
I am trying things other than flowers and birds....any suggestions? What would you like on your bag? (you have to say it like, "what do you want on your tombstone?"...)

Gray with blue flower. I love this bag. It is the perfect size and the belt on this one is wonderfully worn................$115.00

Close up of the flower. Pictures do not do these bags justice I will tell you. Maybe it is the picture taker. When Kristy takes the pictures they look great.
If only I could work faster. I just got my tree up today with my family. I have been working so hard everything else has been put on the back burner. Merry Christmas if I don't blog again for a while. I will be traveling to Columbus tomorrow and then Christmas will be here. I will try to make more bags. Stay tuned.


Chelc said...

I found your blog through your posts on Craftster (I'm pyrogrl there), and I love seeing what you keep coming up with! I love the owls, of course, but the cream bag with the 3 ovals and the buttons is really lovely as well. I like what you're doing in changing it up - and obviously the shop patrons do as well! Keep up the great work, and I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas! (BTW, nice to know we're not the only ones who just got our tree up and decorated last night!)

Amy said...

My husband bought me the owl purse for Christmas. It's adorable and I have really enjoyed carrying it. I like that it is made of recycled materials and is clearly a one-of-a-kind made with love.

cindygert said...


Thanks for coming over to visit my blog. Thanks for the well wishes, we had a great Christmas. However today we have ice storms so we are shut in. I hope you had a nice Christmas too.

I will check out your craftster stuff too. I love that sight. I will definately not be getting those 80 bags done in 30 days....not consecutive anyway.

Take care,


ps. I am putting this comment on your blog.

cindygert said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for coming over to my blog. I am glad you got the owl bag. Is it the red one? I wanted to keep that one....too cute. Actually all of my owl bags I have wanted to keep. I found a green sweater all for me to make an owl bag to keep.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


ps. I put this on your blog too.