Friday, December 12, 2008

Last week we went to the beach for Thanksgiving. My parents live close by. Owen found a starfish. Honestly, it is the first time I have ever seen one on the Atlantic side and I have been going there for almost 30 years.

Anywho...we were all super excited.

This was our first ride at Disney World. It is at the Animal Kingdom....the dinosaur ride. This ride just about ruined our whole trip. Owen was so scared that he would not ride any other rides for fear of being scared out of his wits again.

Here we are meeting Mike Wizouski, I know I spelled that wrong but I don't want to look up the correct spelling. This is what I look like when I have been woken up at 6:30 am to wait 45 minutes for a bus....not pretty!!!

Here we are meeting Goofy and Pluto. Owen got a Baby Pluto and wanted to share it with Big Pluto. They do not call this the best place on earth for no reason. That was a special moment for all of us.

I love Disney World!!! We will be back in about 5 years.

This will probably be our Christmas Photo. This night was truly magical. We were in the Magic Kingdom and they had the castle all lit up with "Fairy" dust...aka lights. They had the parade in lights...truly amazing. We were standing directly under Tinkerbell when she flew down from the castle. And yes to all who wonder it is a real person. We saw her very clearly. Maybe a little later I will show you all the hats that we tried on. That was fun. That way we did not have to buy them all....but we could still see the memory in photo.


Q said...

I love this photograph of you and your family. A treasure for sure.

cindygert said...

Thanks Sherry,

I love it too. It is rare to get a good photo of all of us.