Thursday, December 11, 2008

Numbers 206, and 207 are going to SoBo Style on the brown truck today as I write this actually. Along with a few others, these will feel right at home in the store. Listen up people in Columbus Oh. On Saturday there will be an add on 101.3 for SoBo Style and she is featuring my bags on the add. Rolly shnikies. I am so excited. I wish I could hear it. Imagine that, 100,000 people hearing about my bags.......I could not be more pumped!!!

Unfortunately would you believe that I have another stinkin' cold? I feel horrible. Trying to get my 80 bags done has been nearly impossible to do. I have 71 more to go. I will be glad to get 40 done. In comes the muck and out goes the will to do........anything, especially be creative and clean up the purse mess to start another one. I need a helper!!!! (Can you hear me whining?) Before you say "I will!!!" I should show you a picture of my ware!!!




Karin said...

Hi Cindy-- So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. But as always, these two most recent bags are real beauts! And I wanted to tell you I finally saw the "Mommy and Me, and Me, and Me" purses, shown in this and this post. Seeing your purses online here is one thing; seeing them in person is above and beyond! The other ladies and I there that day at Karee's were just oohing and aaahing over each one.

AND I love the new look -- the green, the fabulous sub-title, the picture Kristy took of you -- you look fabulous!!!

How I wish I could come help you out (and watch you do your magic on those old sweaters and belts). Instead, I'm sewing away on Christmas gifts and other stuff here in MN. I finally resuscitated my blog after 5 months of downtime. You can see MY mess there. And sadly, it's not from purses but rather from... well... life in general.

Hope you're doing better soon!!!

Karin said...

P.S. Any tips on sewing zigzag edges around circles (as you did one of the purses here)? Unless I sew at a pace slower than a snail, mine turn out all wonky...

cindygert said...


Are you using felted sweaters or wool felt or the other stuff? I would use some sort of iron on interfacing before you cut it out. When I did these on the bag...which by the way will most likely be the only one ever made because it took 2 hours just to put the circles on....I used the double zigzag stitch. Or the super stretch feature on my machine. What kind of machine do you have?