Friday, September 12, 2008

Warning...explicit felting photos

This is my thrifty goodness today. I went to the Salvation Army and they had their blue tags at 5 for 5 dollars. So....I picked up a few sweaters....35 to be exact. I even had Owen helping me find blue tags. (It was easy because blue is his favorite color!!) I also scored some great leather. 3 skirts and 2 pairs of pants. Can you just see the face of the clerk? Yea you are going to fit into those size 4 leather pants......not!!!! I may just have to put a picture in here someday of me in my leathers (I would not horrify you with me trying on a size 4 though...don't worry!!) I am sure that picture in your head would be enough.

Can you tell what this is on my floor. I will give you a hint.........I do not have any animals that would produce this.

This is sweater doo doo. That is the only thing I can call it. And when I wash the sweaters for my bags, it is all over the house. So, I try to do this all at the same time. Because no one is allowed over when I am felting.

This is the sweaters in their own zippered pillowcase and my sons shoes for aggitators.

This is some of the sweater booty from my hard work of finding the sweaters and washing them oh around 3 to 4 times. I wonder if it is because I have soft water or my water heater is not turned up high enough......I have youngun's.

I am getting ready to post a tutorial on how to make one of my sweater bags. Hopefully, it will inspire a few of you out there to make some of your own.

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