Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ok...get the "Saftey Dance" song in your head, just replace saftey with "pebble in my shoe." That is what Owen is doing when we took a hike. Love and logic, I told him to get his gym shoes on and he wanted to wear these.

These pictures are a brief recap of what we have been doing.

These are some beautiful flowers we found on our hike.

Michigan Melons.......yum!!!!
Spencer on the hike.
Owen on the hike.

Cindy in the car on the way to swimming with the family being silly with the camera. Owen is caught red handed bothering his brother!!! The difference between those words is only an "r". (!!)
These next few weeks should be busy. I am making more bags for SoBo Style. Yes, this will be the 3rd order since the middle of July. I am so excited. I need more stores. Anybody know of some cool stores that would like my bags? Let me know!!!

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