Wednesday, September 10, 2008

These are the bags that are going to SoBo in the morning. Country Living is having their fair in Columbus so these are needed pronto. If I can swing it I may get one more done tonight. I have it almost done but we will see.

I have a new favorite site right now. It is called Pretty Things she sure makes some pretty things. And I am in love with her studio cottage. I could kick myself sometimes. I lived in Columbus, IN 4 years ago. And two years prior to that I had the perfect house and moved. It had a detached garage that looked like a cottage. I really miss my house. It was very Art Deco.


Anonymous said...

i LOOOOVE this bag!!! How on earth did you sew stiff, thick belts into the bag?!

cindygert said...

I used to use my regular kenmore sewing machine. But I killed it. I purchased a compound walking foot sewing machine. Now that machine is the business!!! To think I did not even use it for several months because I was afraid of it. That is why I broke my favorite hoo.