Monday, January 19, 2009

My break is over.

After a two week break, I dusted off the old sewing machine and got back to bag makin'!!! I made this one today by request. To tell the truth I was kind of worried that it was too long, but no worries now. It is perfect. I LOVE it. The belt is an LEI and it is completely adjustable. Did I say I love this bag.......I love it. OK enough!! Go Bucks!!!

I think this will have to be another style I offer. I like the two tone and the size. I will be making another bag tomorrow. It will be black with red or gray flowers for Bev. I hope you like this Bucks bag macmom. If any of you have a request, I will try. But once I make a bag I can not alter it in any way. Unless I have made the applique a pin, then you can take the pin off and I could possibly make a different pin for you.


Karin said...

so cute. love the "O" -- made me think of my bro-in-law who just started working for OU. But don't think he'd carry a purse around. : )

Sarah said...

your purses are eye candy! your author picture is just beautiful, too.