Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is me with my newest addition the Frame Bag. This is for an order for 6 brides maids. I am actually going to use the most gorgeous silk I could find. Chocolate brown with a muted diamond pattern on it.

I went to friends wedding yesterday and I just had a manicure.........fabulous darling!!
I did not actually attach the frame to the bag so it looks kind of wonky. I only have 7 of these frames so I wanted to try on a different frame to get the hang of frame attaching....good thing I thought to try it out on a different one........not perfect yet.

This is a great learning activity for me. Thanks Hillary for the request!!

And thanks Lisa for the tutorial!!
Here is a close up of the frame. It is gorgeous!!

This was my first practice one were I actually attached the frame to the fabric. It looks better but I got a little glue on the fabric. I need to find an attachment for the glue so I can be more exact.

I really like these. I have so many fabrics earmarked for these frames. I have silver ones too!!

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