Friday, August 08, 2008

Some good news........a bag sold in downtown Brighton. My first one here in my home town. (yea!!!!) They are located at Just So! I am giving 15% off for the Brighton Art Festival. Get on down there.....I think I have about 10-13 bags down there.

These are the Mrs. Darcy collection available at the Milford Memories Art Fair in Milford, MI.
I hope to get a couple more completed by tomorrow (because I am so sure these will sell so there may be news one tomorrow.
Sold!!! $59.00

Mrs. Darcy Brown and Cream $59.00 Sold!!!! Thanks Tracy
Mrs. Darcy Black and Pink $59.00 Available
Mrs. Darcy Blue/Emroidered flowers $59.00 Available
Mrs. Darcy Tan/Emroidered flowers $59.00 Sold!!! Thanks


Karin said...

So so cute! I LOVE the navy one with the yellow flowers! So what's the "Pottery Barn sample" thing all about in the previous post? (That bag looks great too, by the way!)

cindygert said...

Thanks Karin. I linked what I was talking about with the Pottery Barn bag so that should clear things up.

smelli w. the bazile said...

I just love this bag! I saw it on craftster and was hoping for a tutorial :D but I couldn't wait much longer hahaha.
Do you have a pattern I can buy or will there be a tutorial soon??
I have some fabric lying around that screams mrs Darcy bag :D .. again .. LOVE IT!

cindygert said...

Hi Smelli W.,

I am still working on the pattern. Other things have been pushed ahead of that. I will offer it for sale soon. Thanks for asking. It will take me at least 2 more weeks.