Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some new sweater bags for SoBo Style. As of last Friday, she only had 1 left of the original 6 for the store.

Two Owl Bags, 2 sets of Mommy and Me bags and a really cute red one with an appliqued blue flower on the flap.

If I can swing it there may be another surprise bag in there, if I can finish it.

My sewing machine broke on Tuesday...hense the reason for no posts until today. On a positive note it made me break out my industrial sewing machine that I have been too afraid to use. LOVE that machine! I probablly would not have broken my other machine if I would have been using this machine. It really goes through all the layers with out complaint.......unlike my Kenmore 385 (however, that is my favorite everyday machine).

Kitchy Owl $65.00

Red with Blue Appliqued Flower $60.00

Mommy and Me Stripes and Flowers
Mommy 85.00 Me $45.00

Brown Mommy and Me with Pink Flowers
Mommy $85.00 Me $45.00

Green Owl on a Branch $75.00

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