Monday, June 09, 2008

I finally got a weekend to go visit my sister in Columbus, Ohio. It was her birthday. On my way over I had a fabulous time stopping at antique stores and thrift stores. I got so many fabulous fabrics and sweaters to make new handbags. One of the stores I scored a box of fabrics for $10.00 and the cutest baby chair ever.

I learned that they were booster seats at restaurants. This one folds down flat. Super cute. I thought I might use that with a baby doll in it to display my wooly pants at craft shows. I am looking for a baby doll bed that I can put my cashmere blankets into for display. Let me know if you ever find one. The other thing I thought of was a baby scale....vintage of course. I have seen those over the years and thought I should buy them but I never of course I have an actual use for it and do not have it.

My sister and I went garage saleing(sp?) this weekend. She has finally gone to the dark side when it comes to junkin'. She used to say to me, "I do not get why you like to go through peoples junk, I would rather have new." Now she has seen what she can get for next to nothin. We got a fabulous wicker chair with an automon for $10.00, a genuine schwinn cruiser perfect condition, $40.00. After we bought it the lady said that she had something in her garage to go with it. I was thinking it would be a basket for the front but it was a horn.....what a scream. Hopefully I will get a picture of this bike.......thrifty goodness at its best.

Then we went down to North High street in downtown Columbus. My three favorite stores are right next to each other.

Number 1 favorite is SoBo Style. If you click on this you will go to her blog. The owner Katie Palmer is the cutest and sweetest little owner of a store. She finds tremendous furniture and makes it new again and she uses Amy Butler fabrics. She also has great little finds in there. I saw a package of "pee pee tee pee's". If you have boys you should be able to figure out what these are used for (and for those that dont, it for when you are changing a boy you will not need to change your clothes I cracked up. Everyone I know is having little girls.

Number 2 is Mad for Mod. That is where I got the Miro fabric and the funky green with flowers and blue bird fabric from.

Number 3 is the Boomerang Room. This place is so cool and very reasonably priced. I love retro.

Thanks to my dear husband who watched the kids for the weekend. Over all I feel like a new woman with three days of no kids (of my own) and 2 days of junkin'. What more could a girl ask for? Well I will tell you. Sort of. I have a possiblity of two more stores carrying my bags. One in Ohio, and one if Florida.

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katie said...

Thanks so much Cindy for coming in SoBo during your visit to Columbus and for mentioning us on your blog!
Can't wait to see your fall bags.

-Katie Palmer
SoBo Style