Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gifty Goodness.

My good good friend Karee gave birth to her 4th baby.....mmm....a couple of months ago. (No time like the present to get the gift out.) She has 3 girls and now she has a boy (oh boy!!). So Karee and the girls get a Mommy & Me, Me, Me set. The wee bairn gets a blanket. They live in Minnesota so the winter sweater bags will most likely get the most use.

These pictures are not the best pictures. They are pretty cute I must say so myself. I hope to update soon with a picture of Karee and her brood carrying the bags. God bless you Karee. I cant wait to come see that beautiful bundle of joy.

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Karin said...

So so so cute, Cindy!!! I can't wait to see them "in real life" next time I visit Karee.

P.S. Thanks for the emails/comments you sent... like 3 weeks ago now. I'm back from my trip now so hope to "catch up" on my Inbox soon...