Friday, March 07, 2008

Here is my new summer bag. I tried really hard to put a zipper in it. Needless to say....did not work. I will continue trying until I get it. The fabric for this bag is a cotton flower pattern on the top and a citron green linen bottom. It has a stabilizer on the inside to make it stiffer.

The inside has a divided pocket and a magnetic closure. (I promise I will get the whole zipper thing eventually.)

I love the belt on this one. It is embroidered with flowers.

The bottom is formerly a leather coat. The leather is very rich. I love the color. Finding belts to go with it is kind of a challenge.
Sold!!!Thanks Mary


Anonymous said...

Cindy, I LOVE that summer bag! As far as the zipper, for a summer-type tote, I'm not sure you'd need one. Love the fifties kid fabric. I may be in the market for a diaper bag from that if you get one out. My sister-in-law is due with her first in June, shower in April. I have purchased a Cindygert for her in the past, and I think she would love it. I'm really looking forward to seeing your wares on Tuesday.

Keep on creating!


Sarah said...

I am drooling over this bag. I keep coming back to look at it. Dare I ask how much? Our house has a purchase agreement on it so I may soon be in the market for such a happy green bag! (And zippers annoy me--see perfect!)

Cindy Q. said...


For you I will give the family and friends discount. I am putting it on the market for $85.00. I will have to make you a new one and the handle will be slightly different. Do you like the size? I already have this one spoken for...maybe. We will see tomorrow night. I have a show. Congrats on your house. I know how frustrating that can be.