Saturday, March 08, 2008

Here are a couple more bags for Tuesday's
Business Fair at Lakes Elementary.

This green bag is made from a linen fabric. It is another
of my summer bags. (Still no zipper....argh) I may have
to keep this one it is so cute. Dont worry I will make another
similiar to it.

Sold!!!!! Thanks Tina B.

This chocolate brown one is small but Oh so cute.
It is made from a sweater.

raspberry 55.00 Sold!! Thanks Mary!! This was the item for the Auction. I am so glad you won Mary!!

This is one of my original bags. I finally found
a strap I could be happy about.

grey squares 65.00

This one is big. I love that it will go with anything.


queentb1 said...

Thanks, Cindy...adorable bag! Just got in the door when my teenage daughter said, "I want one!" We'll have to share for now!

Anonymous said...

I have the privilege of owning quite a few Cindy Gert bags. The one I'm using currently is made of vintage fabric with kids of different countries on it. I cannot go anywhere without receiving at least one comment about this bag. I love it and so do others! I can't wait to see what's next.

PS - Cindy,I love, love, love the hot pink fabric! Might have to purchase that one.

Mary A.