Saturday, January 09, 2010

a bag for skylar!!

Skylar Paxton
These are the closest cousins to my kids. We have such a wonderful time when we get together!!

I cant believe I did not take any photos of these two while they were up here. This on our way out the door to the Flint airport at 4:30a.m. in the morning....notice I am nowhere in the picture...
This bag is for my niece Skylar. She and her brother came up for Christmas break. We had a wonderful time making this bag out of vintage fabrics, drinking coffee, making cookies, going to movies or watching them here, shopping, doing our hair and makeup (well...Paxton did not partake in the last two things;)...).


Andrea said...

i want one like that, adorable and so classic

cindygert said...

Thanks Andrea!! If you really want one, I can look to see if I have more of the fabric to make another similiar to for $85. It was fun to make it for my niece. She picked out each item and we sewed it up together.