Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simply Good Kitchen open house July 25 Birmingham MI

Here is part of the line up for my upcoming open house at Simply Good Kitchen on July 25. If I have not told you about this place......I could go on for hours. Simply Good Kitchen is owned by two wonderful chefs, Bill and Shanny Apodaca. They both trained and the Culinary Art Institute. They invite people to come learn how to make the most wonderful meals you will ever eat!!! I encourage you to sign up for a class. They have over 6000 people that are on their mailing list so they have to do their sign ups for their classes by lottery. You have one week to sign up for the class and then hope and pray you win the lottery!!! Oh so worth every minute of wait.

These will only be available at the open house. Usually I consider a sale a sale but I can not get my bags made fast enough....(sigh, I love this problem!!) I am a busy bee in my craft room making wonderful one of a kind purses for you.


Karee said...

Love the new line-up Cindy! You are awesome! Good luck with your "bag-makin'"

Anonymous said...

I can't make it Sat., we are out of town :(
-but I love your bags!!
I hope there will be another chance?!