Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A beautiful sight day 2. Thanks Beki at Artsy Crafty Babe for the challenge. I think I will enjoy this.......if I can remeber to do it everyday I will be amazed.
I had the cleaning lady come today. (Unfortunately, she only gets called when desperate times call for desperate measures) I wanted to put her picture on here because she is truly wonderful, but she said "NO!!!!". So I will just have to put her work on here. It would be better if I had a before too but.........my beautiful picture today is my clean kitchen. With an Apple Pie (that my husband made) and a bag that is 80% complete.....what more could I ask for?The most beautiful part is the clean floors. It makes my day when my floors are cleaned.
Here is the 80% done bag standing up. Can you hear Christmas music?

Sage goodness............$95.00 And this is a 100% done bag just this morning.......hot off the press. She is a wonderful shade of sage green. I think she will match just about everything. Only 82 more to go to my 100 bags by Christmas. (Actually December 15).

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